Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Howdy All!

*blows dust off blog*

Its been a good minute since I've been on here.  Don't really know why, but I have had a lot going on.  School is going well, relationship is thriving and I finally moved in my own place!

Not to mention I didn't have my computer for a while.  At 11 months old, my poor laptop needed a new motherboard.  Clearly my black ass didn't pay for that, I just bought a new one.  This makes the third one in 4 1/2 years.  So I decided to stop going the cheap route and got one well worth the money. Had to get pop's help, but I just told him it was a good investment.  That dude is all about investments. LoL

I'm gonna give a few updates in the next post.  It just seems that I went through a time where I wasn't inspired at all to write or share anything.  And I ONLY write/update the blog whenever I truly have something to say or vent about...I don't just do "filler posts" (if you don't count this one LoL). Hope all is well with everyone!!!