Friday, December 6, 2013

Copy Cat

Quick question for any of you that know...

Can I protect what I write?  I mean, I know this shit isn't much...but i would hate if someone took my words and put it somewhere else.  So, Like can I copyright this shit?

Dating and shit?

Ya'll muhfuckas be dating and shit?

Seriously, do you?  And by date, I mean REAL dates. I'm not talking about the "come over and chill" bullshit.  I'm referring to the pick me up/meet me at 8 and we're gonna go out to dinner/exhibit type dates.  I know this lifestyle is supposed to be sexually charged, but damn.  I was thinking about it after hearing some girls at work talking about going on real dates with the guys around here.  While I was surprised that they are actually being taken out on REAL dates, I was a little discouraged to realize I've only maybe been on 2.

I was thinking, maybe it's because I don't date girls anymore, therefore I haven't had a reason to go on one. Then, I quickly realized I've still been dating... but I've been dating guys.  There really isn't a difference. Regardless if you're with man/woman you should still date. Go out some damn where. Fuck all this "chilling" shit we are our own worst enemy. It's no secret that guy on guy relationships have the worst reputation in the dating world.  Like I've mentioned before, it's all so damn sex crazed.  Which is cool, by all you.  But we have to take this shit serious if we expect the rest of the world to. 

I go on dates with my dude, always have to be honest.  We met at his place the first time and went out.  Even though he "has me"  we still do it.  We'll go to the art exhibits downtown (D is a nerd at heart), the outside mall/promenade, New Orleans for the weekend, etc.  This is part of the reason why I don't want to lose his ass.  Too many guys aren't gonna do the same.  So I may just have to go back to pussy full time....