Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bitter Bitches

That title is the best I could come up with! LoL

Why is it that people feel the need to project negative feelings, and bad luck, on good situations that you have going on?  Or simply just have something negative to say about ANYTHING good in your life?

I don't really know how to put this shit into words, but I'm going to try anyway.

I was at work, where I work with mostly women (who are mostly bitter), and the issue of love and relationships came up.  We all get along, the men and the women, and have really good talks.  I love those bastards honestly. However, something really rubbed me the wrong way the other day. And No, they aren't the first to do it, however, it bothers my soul.

I was asked about my views on love and relationships at this stage in my life.  I simply replied that I like relationships and having someone constant...the going back and forth with random people annoys me.  You would have thought I said I support Soulja Boy for president. These hoes acted like it was the worst thing in the world....even after I expressed I was seeing somebody.  They basically told me that I didn't need to be with anybody and I needed to enjoy myself and the time I have to do so.  Some even went on to say I was crazy for being in a relationship, and they don't understand people that feel they need some body.  Spoken from a true BITTER BITCH. They have had so many bad experiences that they don't want anyone to be happy.  Miss me with that.

I simply replied to them and said- Don't discourage me from pursuing someone good only because you kept rushing into things and choosing bad partners.  Contrary to popular belief, there are some nice, decent people out there.  Two of them acted offended, while everyone else appeared to understand. 

It bothered me because I hate when people try to "down-play", insult, or criticize something/someone that you have expressed happiness with....when they have no reasoning.  Its no different than when me and D went out to eat and he ordered a Corona.  The waitress was like-OMG I don't see how ya'll drink that stuff, beer is nasty.  He looked at here like she had 3 heads.  Why would you basically call what I'm about to consume nasty.  Bitch, thats rude. 

I know this shit seems petty, but that shit is unnecessary and rude.  It really grinds my gears.