Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Installment of Randomness....

Hey Hoes!

(Just a little random shit, sometimes you just gotta clear your mind.)

1. Where the fuck did all of the respect go for others' relationships?  It was a time that when you pursued someone and they told you they were married/involved you just bowed out.  Hell naw, that shit doesn't fly anymore.  Now the response is "What does that have to do with me?"  or "I didn't ask you that".  This shit is getting out of hand.  And it comes from all sides: male/female/gay/straight.  I haven't seen so many people say  "fuck your relationship" as much as I have lately.

2. I'm still getting back into the swing of things writing... that's why its been a while since last night.  Me and D have been getting settled in my new place (naw, he doesn't live here) and then my computer charger decided it wanted to say Fuck Me.  I'm getting my shit together though.

3. Does one ever FULLY grasps the concept of being in a relationship?  Meaning, is there a point where you "get it" and you know your partner and you guys completely understand each-other?  Or is it a never ending lesson?  I've been involved with D for a while and relationship for a few months and I swear I either learn something about him/me/us like everyday.  Its not bad honestly, but it can be a conglomerate of realizations at times. However, sometimes I don't know if that shit is normal...it just seems like it should be out of that stage, of you know, getting to know each other.  Or am I wrong?

4. I have attempted to go sober.  This shit oughta be interesting!  No real reason why.  My lil drinking wasn't causing any problems or shit like that.  I guess its just a test to see if I have enough self control/will-power  to accomplish it. Not giving myself a time frame to be alcohol free or anything (i.e 6 or 9 months). Its just gonna be something to work toward.  I'm always trying to challenge myself.  The only possible issue I think I had with alcohol is my reasoning for drinking.  I sat up and realized that sometimes I drink to deal with shit and to not have to face some shit....not for fun and enjoyment. 


  1. Hey Trey, welcome back! Missed your ass.

    Completely understand your partner? You will never get there. It just doesn't happen (LOL).

    You will get to know his habits, what he likes to eat, what pisses him off, etc. You will learn things about him that will make you love him more and things that will irritate the fuck out of you.

    But just when you think you have it down pat some new thing may pop up. So just enjoy the ride, relish the good times, and be confident you can work through any rough spots.


    P.S. Read my blog entry "Friction in Paradise" to get an idea of what I'm talking about:


  2. Truer words have never been spoken! @Immanuel

    The thing is: you can "know" someone inside and out, but there's always something else there. Sometimes that "someone" is your own damn self. With my bae Rob, I'm learning that it's not so much about what's inside of HIM, but how I respond to what's in him, if that makes sense.


  3. I been in my relationship for about 5 years now and people STILL try their hand so get use to it sir.

    Relationships are both: you completely understand each other and @ the same time you continue to learn lessons.

  4. I guess you guys are right. My logic and my emotions are just battling...and I'm not exactly sure who's winning. LoL I'm working on it though.