Sunday, October 7, 2012

Entitled Gold-Digging Hoes

What is it with these bitches and this sense of entitlement to every-damn-thing in the world.  I see it more and more now...from co-workers to classmates to my own damn family.  Women really feel they deserve the world, just because they're alive...and don't have to give anything in return.

I am aware of the old stereotypes of women being materialistic and all that shit, but its getting out of hand.  They really feel a man is supposed to give, give, and give and that is his only purpose.  It's really starting to piss me off. Now, I don't date women...and know I know why! Lol

I had to get on my cousin the other day about this shit.  She is really like my sister, but I had to get her straight on something.  She has an excellent boyfriend, who is a good guy and will do anything for her.  However, she sometimes takes advantage of my opinion.  He's still in school (last semester) and he works, so his income is limited. She, on the other hand, is a night cardiac ICU nurse.  She always expects something from him everytime he has a dollar in is pocket.  When he gets paid, she wants a purse, has to go out to eat...or something .  If he says he's running low on funds, and she wants to go out to eat....she just says she doesn't want to go anymore. Like her ass can't afford it.

Also, I see it everywhere I go.  At work, a group of us always go to lunch together (2 guys, and 2 ladies).  We went to the cafeteria just the other day, and the lady working at the register made the comment "Ya'll aren't taking care of the women's meal?"  I gave her the dumbest of looks.  Why, just because they are women, did she feel we were obligated to pay for her meal? Another example:  My homeboy just got any upgrade on his phone, his friends little sister asked him for his old iPhone 4.  He said sure, for a $150.  Its still practically new.  She got offended and said how does he look asking a woman to pay for a phone.

I'm a male, who dates other males...and I'm of the bottom persuasion. I don't expect a dude I'm with to take care of everything just because he's fucking me.  Hell, its the best economy right now and no one wants to give away all of their money.  Now granted, I literally have to fight D over this...I just don't agree with it.  I can take care of myself, I don't need shit from him.  It's nice to have a guy do nice things every once in a while...but not have a sense of entitlement to everything. 

These bitches have lost their mind.

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  1. I don't know what is it about money and entitlement that go hand in with most women.